There are many different types of lenses all geared toward making you see your best. The experienced opticians at the Charleswood Eye Centre will listen to you and assess your needs to find the best eyewear solution for you. You can find out more about different types of lenses below; call us if you have a question.

Eye glasses & sunglasses

We carry the following frame brands:

AdidasAlfred SungBCBGBrendelFyshHugo BossKate SpadeKliikLightecPerry EllisSilhouetteSpyTakumiVanniVera WangZac Pozen

Eyewear fitting

An eyewear fitting is essential to finding eyeglasses that will feel like a second skin. A fitting involves:

  • Measuring the distance from bridge of your nose to the centre of each pupil
  • Finding the right frame for your face
  • Choosing a lens material as well as determining the lens curvature
  • Discussing the benefits of a coating
  • Finding the correct height so the optical centre is at the proper point in your eye
  • Measuring the distance for each lens if you are wearing a multifocal or bifocal lens
  • Adjusting the frame to your face

Spectacle Lenses

Type of lenses

Single Vision:
Used for near or distance vision correction and is available in all types of materials.

A lens used for near and distance vision correction with a visible line.

Serves the same purpose as a progressive lens, it has visible lines on the lens. A large portion of the lens is used for distance vision; the centre portion for intermediate vision; and the bottom portion for near vision.

Progressive (Multifocal):
A multi-purpose lens used for near, intermediate and distance vision correction. It is esthetically designed without a visible line in the lens, and is available in all types of materials.

Computer Lenses:
If you spend a great amount of time using a computer, you may want to have a pair of glasses specifically for that purpose. Computer glasses can reduce eye fatigue by increasing visual comfort, and neck strain can also be reduced. Computer glasses are particularly appropriate for people who work in an office but have excellent distance vision.

Lens material

The main advantages of a plastic lens are its light weight and its safety features, in comparison to a glass lens. As well, a plastic lens can be tinted almost any color and shade.

High-Index Materials:
A high-index lens creates a thinner profile for those with strong prescriptions. The lens is lighter in weight than a standard glass or plastic lens. As a result, they are more comfortable and cosmetically desirable.

A glass lens is heavier than other lens materials. It is recommended to treat glass lenses for impact-resistance.

Lens treatments

Scratch-Resistant Coatings:
A coating designed to protect the lens from every day wear and tear. However, some materials, such as high-impact-resistant and high-index lenses include scratch-resistant coating.

Anti-Reflective (AR):
The main advantage of the anti-reflective lens is the reduction in eye fatigue in all situations, especially while viewing computer screens and driving at night. The AR lens not only removes distracting reflections, it is cosmetically desirable since the wearer’s eyes are clearly visible behind the lenses.

Specialty lens

A task-specific lens provides you with the vision according to your needs. We match lenses to fit your job, hobby or other recreational use.

Contact lenses

We carry the following contact lenses brands:


Seeing an optometrist for a proper contact fitting is essential. Contacts ordered from places online or without a proper fitting can cause serious damage to your eyes. A contact lens expert will consider several factors when fitting you for contacts, including:

  • Material
  • Curvature
  • Fit
  • Oxygen
  • Permeability
  • Deposit resistance
  • Moisture content
  • Lifespan

Dr. Bourdon and his contact lens fitters are educated on the latest technology in contacts, so they can help you find a solution to any issues you may be having with your contacts. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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Contact Lenses

Your warranty

Frames come with a 1-year replacement against manufacturer’s defects and most breakage. If your frame breaks within the warranty period and it is no longer available, we replace it with a frame of equal value.

Lenses that are purchased with a Zeiss protective coating comes with a 1-year replacement warranty if there are defects or normal wear and scratching.

When you purchase your glasses from us needed repairs, adjustments and replacement of pads will be done at no charge.

The warranty does not cover loss, excepting damage or abuse to frame or lenses.

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